Best coffee grinder for espresso

A burr grinder is your perfect bet to get the desired ground coffee for a delicious cup of espresso and Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder is the best product for that. This model is known as the best burr grinder which can easily provide you with a consistent grind with an added classic style. With this coffee grinder, you get the feels and features of a professional grinder at quite an affordable price.

This coffee grinder produces one of the best quality ground coffee which can help users get the perfect cup of coffee that they deserve every morning. It can produce the perfect ground coffee for an Espresso and a French press among other settings and will always stay par in both quality and consistency.


  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Burr Type: Conical Burr
  • Tank Capacity: 227 grams
  • Compatibility: Beans and pots
  • Grind range: 250-1200 microns
  • Speed: 450 RPM
  • Number of grind settings: 40

What makes it the best?

This coffee grinder is the most popular grinder in the market for Espressos and this is why so. It can provide you up to 40 grind settings at an extremely fast speed of 1.5 to 2.5 grams per second which all depends on the setting which you have chosen. This allows it to deliver a consistent amount of ground coffee time and again and makes it the best fit for most coffee makers.

It also includes a powerful DC motor which can help in providing a great amount of output than an AC motor and it also is the quietest grinder which makes the whole deal look more attractive to a user. It also includes a thermal safety device which protects the machine from overheating and sets your motor in the cooling model to avoid any motor failure. You can also check best espresso machine available in the market.

It is not only reasonably priced but also comes with a 1-year warranty. What else could you possibly want?

A few drawbacks

Although this coffee grinder comes with a lot of pros, it certainly has a few serious cons too. First of all, this grinder is not as durable as other grinders because it has a plastic body and only a metal top and bottom so if you are looking for a life-long investment, you are looking in the wrong place. Although this is usually a deal breaker, you don’t have to worry about it breaking anytime soon once you have carefully installed it in a place.

Another serious drawback of buying this coffee grinder is that it can be a little difficult to clean it with its hopper but usually only blades need to be cleaned, so this shouldn’t be a huge issue.


Baratza Virtusoso coffee grinder is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a home espresso coffee and want to have a good quality grinder which can provide you with the decent and consistent quality of the ground coffee. It is a small grinder which helps you in saving space and is a good choice for most homes, offices, and restaurants.

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