7 Things we found the Panini Press useful for in the restaurant Kitchen

We all know that a Panini Press is the best sandwich maker and can make all types of grilled and press sandwiches, but that is not the only function of a Panini press. With a little experiment and innovation, we realized that a Panini press can be utilized to make a lot of other dishes too. You certainly don’t need a Panini press for cooking food but if you already have one, why not utilize it?

You can use a Panini press to make a variety of dishes which include deserts, dinner, grilled food, etc. All you need is a little creativity.

Grilled Vegetables

Yes, that is correct! You can not only make grilled sandwiches with your Panini press but you can also use it to prepare grilled vegetables for all the dinner parties that you are planning to use. It is extremely easy to use and can provide you with grilled vegetables in a few minutes.

Meat and kebabs

Another great thing which you can make with your Panini press is the grilled meat and kebabs. You just need to ready your meat and oil it a little and then put it inside the press and you would notice perfectly cooked meat and kebabs after a few minutes.

Reheating cold pizza

Yes, another handy use of a Panini press is in reheating cold pizzas. You just need to place your cold pizza slices inside the Panini press and switch it on and voila! Your pizza will be hot and mouthwatering again in just a couple of minutes. No need to eat cold pizzas anymore, just use your press.

Mini Cakes and Waffles

This is another amazing thing which you can make with your Panini press. Now, you don’t need an oven to make your mini cake or even waffles, just use your Panini press and you would notice that it is equally delicious and apart from the press marks, there is no difference at all.

Ice Cream Scones

Yes, now you can make homemade scones with the help of your Panini press. All you need to do is take a small piece of dough and press it and then shape it in the form of a scone and your own homemade scone is ready. Wasn’t that easy now? Not yet? Then check this video out.

Grilled Fruits

You can also use your Panini press to grill fruits and trust us, grilled anything tastes infinitely better than the normal version. Just take your fruit and slice it up and put it inside the press and press it, your grilled fruits would be ready to devour in just a few minutes.


Yes! You can make brownies too. So, for all those brownie lovers out there, this is your chance. Use your Panini press to the fullest and make your own brownies inside it in just a little time. It is easy and quick and you don’t need a separate oven or microwave to make it anymore. Doesn’t that sound incredible?

Here’s how Neha made brownies with her sandwich maker