Reasons why having your Own Espresso Machine is awesome

After a long wait in the queue, seeing that perfectly brewed coffee coming to you is the best feeling when you want to have a kickass start to the day. You instantly get that feeling of respect for the artisans and their seemingly arcane skills. But it is not possible every time that you enjoy the same moment. Making espresso at home can be very easy and a lifelong passion. Here are some reasons why you should give a try to these home espresso machines.

Get your morning fix, quick

Now you don’t have to wait in long queues to get the perfect cup of coffee. Having an espresso machine at home allows you to fit coffee into your own personal ritual. This technology can brew your coffee quickly and also you’ll get to know why espresso was named after the Italian word for ‘fast’.

An infinite world of coffee to explore

Having a pod-coffee maker or pre-ground packets you just have a limited selection of coffees. Whether it is roast profile, seasonality or geography, you’ll see that the coffee is always changing and evolving, there’s always something new and different regarding its taste. A home espresso machine in your kitchen allows you to show your creativity and experiments with the coffee.

Deepen your coffee knowledge

Let me share a secret with you if you really want to understand coffee- all you need to do is, have more cups of coffee and you’ll understand what are you tasting and what you like. Home espresso machine not only allows you to try coffee from different roasters and origins but after a time you’ll also learn how different adjustments can change the taste of your coffee.

Take full control

Some home espresso machines are designed in such a way that even allows you to have full control over the coffee making process. From controlling temperature to café-grade milk steaming, the power is in your hand so that you can make the coffee exactly how you want. Play with your coffee just how your favorite cafes do and make adjustments how you want.

More sustainable

Are you also one of them who believe that those plastic espresso coffee pods are really convenient and less expensive. Let me tell you the true fact, you are actually paying $50 per pound for the miniscule amount of ground coffee they contain. Whereas, you can easily buy fresh whole-bean coffee from some of the best roasters for just $25 per pound. Isn’t it great, and also you are spending bucks on quality beans, not industrial packaging.

Be the ultimate partner/host/neighbor

Here comes another secret you might want to know. The coffee you get from your favorite cafe seems interesting due to their act of giving it. Instead, why don’t you try it yourself? You can give your partner a surprise with an espresso specially made by you or if you are hosting dinner at your home, there could be a perfect end of the day with a tray of Americanos. I am sure you’ll enjoy it 5 times more than getting it from the café.


7 Things we found the Panini Press useful for in the restaurant Kitchen

We all know that a Panini Press is the best sandwich maker and can make all types of grilled and press sandwiches, but that is not the only function of a Panini press. With a little experiment and innovation, we realized that a Panini press can be utilized to make a lot of other dishes too. You certainly don’t need a Panini press for cooking food but if you already have one, why not utilize it?

You can use a Panini press to make a variety of dishes which include deserts, dinner, grilled food, etc. All you need is a little creativity.

Grilled Vegetables

Yes, that is correct! You can not only make grilled sandwiches with your Panini press but you can also use it to prepare grilled vegetables for all the dinner parties that you are planning to use. It is extremely easy to use and can provide you with grilled vegetables in a few minutes.

Meat and kebabs

Another great thing which you can make with your Panini press is the grilled meat and kebabs. You just need to ready your meat and oil it a little and then put it inside the press and you would notice perfectly cooked meat and kebabs after a few minutes.

Reheating cold pizza

Yes, another handy use of a Panini press is in reheating cold pizzas. You just need to place your cold pizza slices inside the Panini press and switch it on and voila! Your pizza will be hot and mouthwatering again in just a couple of minutes. No need to eat cold pizzas anymore, just use your press.

Mini Cakes and Waffles

This is another amazing thing which you can make with your Panini press. Now, you don’t need an oven to make your mini cake or even waffles, just use your Panini press and you would notice that it is equally delicious and apart from the press marks, there is no difference at all.

Ice Cream Scones

Yes, now you can make homemade scones with the help of your Panini press. All you need to do is take a small piece of dough and press it and then shape it in the form of a scone and your own homemade scone is ready. Wasn’t that easy now? Not yet? Then check this video out.

Grilled Fruits

You can also use your Panini press to grill fruits and trust us, grilled anything tastes infinitely better than the normal version. Just take your fruit and slice it up and put it inside the press and press it, your grilled fruits would be ready to devour in just a few minutes.


Yes! You can make brownies too. So, for all those brownie lovers out there, this is your chance. Use your Panini press to the fullest and make your own brownies inside it in just a little time. It is easy and quick and you don’t need a separate oven or microwave to make it anymore. Doesn’t that sound incredible?

Here’s how Neha made brownies with her sandwich maker

Best coffee grinder for espresso

A burr grinder is your perfect bet to get the desired ground coffee for a delicious cup of espresso and Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder is the best product for that. This model is known as the best burr grinder which can easily provide you with a consistent grind with an added classic style. With this coffee grinder, you get the feels and features of a professional grinder at quite an affordable price.

This coffee grinder produces one of the best quality ground coffee which can help users get the perfect cup of coffee that they deserve every morning. It can produce the perfect ground coffee for an Espresso and a French press among other settings and will always stay par in both quality and consistency.


  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Burr Type: Conical Burr
  • Tank Capacity: 227 grams
  • Compatibility: Beans and pots
  • Grind range: 250-1200 microns
  • Speed: 450 RPM
  • Number of grind settings: 40

What makes it the best?

This coffee grinder is the most popular grinder in the market for Espressos and this is why so. It can provide you up to 40 grind settings at an extremely fast speed of 1.5 to 2.5 grams per second which all depends on the setting which you have chosen. This allows it to deliver a consistent amount of ground coffee time and again and makes it the best fit for most coffee makers.

It also includes a powerful DC motor which can help in providing a great amount of output than an AC motor and it also is the quietest grinder which makes the whole deal look more attractive to a user. It also includes a thermal safety device which protects the machine from overheating and sets your motor in the cooling model to avoid any motor failure. You can also check best espresso machine available in the market.

It is not only reasonably priced but also comes with a 1-year warranty. What else could you possibly want?

A few drawbacks

Although this coffee grinder comes with a lot of pros, it certainly has a few serious cons too. First of all, this grinder is not as durable as other grinders because it has a plastic body and only a metal top and bottom so if you are looking for a life-long investment, you are looking in the wrong place. Although this is usually a deal breaker, you don’t have to worry about it breaking anytime soon once you have carefully installed it in a place.

Another serious drawback of buying this coffee grinder is that it can be a little difficult to clean it with its hopper but usually only blades need to be cleaned, so this shouldn’t be a huge issue.


Baratza Virtusoso coffee grinder is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a home espresso coffee and want to have a good quality grinder which can provide you with the decent and consistent quality of the ground coffee. It is a small grinder which helps you in saving space and is a good choice for most homes, offices, and restaurants.

Visiting France? Know these wine drinking Etiquettes

There is a famous saying that “When in Rome, does as the Romans do.” While we are not talking about Roman’ culture here, French aren’t much behind on cultural etiquettes and judge you a lot on how you behave in their environment.

So next time you plan to visit France and decide to have wine with them, do keep these 7 things in mind if you don’t want to be perceived as someone with bad manners:

Don’t rush

One of the habits of the French is to wait before starting any meal. They sip their wine once all glasses are full and once the toast has been made in case there is one.

So don’t hurry and make sure you wait till all the guests and the hosts have their glasses poured in front of them, then you start.


In France, it is a tradition to clink your wine glass with other people’s glass before taking a sip of it. Also while you are clinking your glass with someone, make sure you look into their eyes and not the glass. French find it rude if you are not looking into each other’s eyes while doing this thing.

Another thing to pay attention to would be to not cross your arms over someone else’s while trying to clink your glass. Wait for other people to be done before trying to clink your glass with someone sitting in front of you.

Let the men serve

In France, the host serves wine to everyone and Frenchmen are supposed to fill glasses for their women. In case of an all-women table, anyone willing to take charge can do the serving but if you’re the man you’ve got to do it. In a restaurant, wait for the waiter to serve you because if you go ahead and serve yourself, it may indicate that the waiter isn’t doing his job properly.

Let it breath

Once the wine is poured in your glass, don’t just drain it down in one go. Taste it slowly and enjoy it. In France, wine is a kind of religion and so if you don’t like the wine at someone’s place, don’t complain. It is rude to complain about host’s wine choice.

But if you like the taste of wine, you can murmur a vote of approval and pass on a satisfied grin to everyone.

Having wine without a meal

People don’t drink wine in France just at any random time. Wine is associated with food in France and so if you are having just wine without any food to accompany it, people would deduce in a second that you are a tourist.

Although French won’t be shocked to see someone drink wine in the evening it is not a tradition there to drink wine before dinner. So next time you see someone drinking wine at 3 p.m., you know he is not from France after all.

Don’t bring wine to a party

French consider it rude if you bring a wine bottle to a party you have been invited to. It portrays that you don’t trust the host to get a nice choice of wine which might seem quite offensive to the host.

It would be better to ask host’s prior permission while planning to get the wine so that you know what wine would be better with their dinner menu. But seriously don’t get wine without permission; chances are that wine would remain unopened because you insulted the host.

5 Decor ideas for every restaurant/home kitchen

Are you one of those people who spend a lot of time in their kitchen? Do you feel your kitchen looks too bland and boring? Then it is time to revamp your kitchen and add a little life to it. You don’t need to spend too much and do elaborate decorations, there are some pretty simple and fun ways to decorate your kitchen too.

Here are a few awesome ideas to bring life to your kitchen.

Add a little color to your kitchen

Don’t underestimate the power of a good color. Choose what look you want to give to your kitchen and then go for a color which will help you in achieving that.

If you want to give your kitchen a bright feeling, you could go with yellow or blue or red color. If you want to give your kitchen a classier feel, then go for neutral colors.

Make sure you choose a color which matches your kitchen cabinets and utensils and other accessories. Don’t put random colors together because that might end up in a disaster. Use vibrant colors for your kitchen accessories like bar stools, vases, etc.

Make a pattern or mural painting on one wall

View your kitchen as a guest and observe what the focal point of your kitchen is. Determine which wall is the focus and then decorate that wall with a nice looking pattern or a painting.

You can also cover this wall with a wallpaper that you like. If you are a travel freak, you can apply a travel-related wallpaper to this wall but always make sure that the wallpaper which you apply is matching the rest of your kitchen. You don’t want your wall to stand out as a sore spot.

Decorate your wall with objects and paintings

Another way to decorate your kitchen would be to choose a wall and then fill it with the objects you like. You could create a huge shelf on this wall and keep a few books or decorative items.

If you are into photographs, then you can fill your wall with photo frames. You can also cover your wall with either vintage dishes or antique looking mirrors. Experiments and personalize your kitchen wall with your favorite thing.

Get a few stylish kitchen decors

The investor makes a few stylish kitchen accessories like vases, or cookware or simple utensils like spoons, spoon holder, plates, etc. Get funky looking cookware and colorful utensils to add a little spark to your kitchen.

Once you have these, make sure you flaunt them either on your open shelf or your kitchen counters. Now when your guests will come to your kitchen, they will be deeply impressed with your choice of stylish utensils and decors.

Make a Kitchen Island

One of the best ways to decorate your kitchen is by adding a colorful Kitchen Island to your kitchen.

Not only does it create more space for you to work on, but it provides a space for your guests to sit on and admire the rest of the kitchen too. You can decorate your kitchen island with a few stylish accessories and impress all your friends and family members and it is easy to make too.

So what are you waiting for? Decorate your kitchen now and make it a happier place for yourself.

Here’s how restaurants can save water using the best kitchen faucets

Kitchen Faucets have greatly reduced our work and have made the whole process of cleaning quicker and simpler. But that is not all that a Kitchen Faucet does, it can also help you in saving water and ensuring that you make more effort towards saving your ecosystem.

If you make sure that your faucet doesn’t waste water, you not only save water and help in preserving water but also reduce your water bill. So here are a few tips to consider while buying a Faucet to ensure that you reduce your water wastage by a great deal:

Check for WaterSense Label

One of the best ways to save water would be to switch to Kitchen Faucets which are tagged with a WaterSense label. These faucets adhere to the requirements set by the EPA for keeping the water flow below 2.75 GPM.

WaterSense tagged faucets keep the flow rate to a maximum of 1.5 GPM which helps tremendously in saving water and help you in reducing your water bill too. These faucets use 20% less water than a normal faucet and provide you with finer controls for managing water temperature and pressure too.

Pause your Water flow

Another way to ensure that your faucet doesn’t waste water is by buying a faucet which comes with a pause button. These faucets allow you to pause the flow of water when you are not using it and then resume the water flow when you need it.

This ensures that you have a steady flow of water for your tasks while not wasting a single drop of water. So now you can clean your dishes and rinse them without keeping your faucet on for the whole time.

Go for Ceramic Valve Faucets

If you don’t want to trouble yourself too much by looking for eco-friendly faucets and installing low-flow aerators, then there is a simpler option for you too. You can select a Ceramic Valve Faucet for you which is known to be more durable and less-leakage prone than the other Faucet types.

Ceramic Valve Faucets utilize two hard ceramic disks which provide you with a long-lasting faucet and since it doesn’t contain too complicated parts, it doesn’t end up causing leakages as frequently as the other faucets. This faucet will help you in preserving water as there won’t be any leaks and you won’t need to install a faucet in every few days.

You can save water by either installing the above-mentioned faucets and aerators at your home or you can make sure that you always shut off the faucet when not in use. It is the little things which matter, if you always make sure to close your faucet, you are bound to prevent water wastage easily.

Opt for Low-Flow Aerators

Another great way to save water is by getting faucets which come with a low-flow aerator and if you already have a faucet, then you can just install a low-flow aerator in it.

A low-flow aerator provides you with a flow rate of less than 2.75 GPM which helps in reducing your water consumption levels by almost 50%. Apart from the fact that it saves your water consumption, it is fairly inexpensive and extremely easy to install.

5 Easy ways to to increase profits that every restaurant should know

Everyone who has ever opened or managed a restaurant will tell you that owning a successful restaurant is not an easy task. There are a thousand things that could go wrong and jeopardize your whole career.

Just one small mistake could end your restaurant and force you to close it down. But that being said, restaurants are one of a full proof way to earn money because recessions or not, people have still got to eat right? So, how do you ensure that your restaurant provides you a steady flow of money?

Here are 5 tips which can help you in making your new restaurant a success among the common folks.


The most important thing to keep in mind when opening your new restaurant is to decide a popular location. Decide your target audience and ensure that the restaurant is easier to reach for them because no matter how good a food or service you provide if it takes hours to reach your place no one will bother.

So decide on a location which is near to most people but not somewhere which is overflowing with restaurants. A proper location is a key to a successful restaurant.

Good-quality Food

The next important thing is to ensure that you serve delicious food which has a proper balance of all the flavors and which entices your customers to come again.

Make sure you invest in a proper chef who knows his way around a kitchen and would never disappoint you. This is of utmost importance because just one bad review of your food could seriously endanger your restaurant’s reputation.

Large Parking Space

Another point to keep in mind is that you should have adequate parking space for your customers. If your restaurant does not have access to public transport, then chances are that your customers will mostly drive by cars.

So, you need to have enough parking space to allow your customers to park their vehicles else they are more likely not to come. Who would come to a restaurant whose parking is always full?

Great Customer Service

This is one of those things which can never be compromised on. Make sure you appoint good staff members who are polite to your customers and offer them quick services.

No one likes to wait for hours for the menu or their food to arrive or being talked impolitely to. So make sure you offer your customers with a great service. Employ a staff which is knowledgeable and knows how to tackle difficult customers politely. Remember, all it takes is one bad review to end your restaurant.

Easy-to-read Menus

Ever been to a posh restaurant which had weird looking food items and you had no clue what they were talking about? Well, don’t copy them. It might sound posh and hi-fi but your customers want a menu which they can easily understand and decide without calling a waiter to help them out after every 5 minutes.

Also, don’t focus on expanding your menu every day. Stick to your specials and ensure that they are still delicious because these are the food items which are making your customers return. Remember quality is always more important than quantity.